New & Old Roofing Specialist

All professionally installed roofs have a warranted life span. How old is your roof? 10 or 15 years? Possibly more? Do you even know? Regardless of the age of your roof, a thorough roof inspection should be performed by a competent roofing professional every few years.

Gusty breezes, salty air and adverse weather conditions damage and diminish the life expectancy of roofs in coastal areas.  Although your roof may not have reached its full "warranted" life, repairs may be needed.

There may be few interior signs of a problem or you may see stains, blisters or flaking paint on interior ceilings or walls. Hidden moisture may exist. It is difficult to thoroughly inspect your roof from the ground. The best way to know and understand the conditions of your roof is to schedule a roof inspection with a qualified professional.

The photos below are typical examples from recent, local inspections. Some required minor repairs while others were simply noted as "areas of concern" for future inspections.  Rooflines offers a variety of inspection services depending on your specific needs and concerns. A simple call to Tony at 609-263-9513 will help you determine which service is most appropriate for you.