New & Old Roofing Specialist

Rooflines By Kutschera was formed in 1999 by Anthony J. Kutschera, Jr. 

Tony started roofing in 1985. He learned the roofing business the old fashioned way by carrying shingles up tall, heavy ladders and cleaning up the trash at job sites. He watched master mechanics install all types of roofing, then apprenticed with them. Tony has the advanced technical skills and intricate workmanship required to do specialized copper gutter work and to install and repair slate roofs.

Tony is considered one of the premier mechanics in South Jersey. He is highly experienced in all facets of roof installations. Tony is fully involved in the day to day operations of Rooflines. Tony ensures each project is delivered to the same high quality standards. When it comes to roofing, Tony and his team have all the skills and expertise you need!

Born and raised in Ventnor, NJ; Tony has long standing local family ties. Today he lives with his young family in the heart of downtown Sea Isle. Who else would know best how to install and maintain your roof for seashore conditions than someone born, bred and trained in them. Rooflines understands the unique needs of the shore environment. Rooflines pays attention to the details. Rooflines is licenced, insured and recommended.